The Robbins Have Landed!

Well, today was the day we finally landed in Singapore as a family! After 10 months of waiting and preparation, it still seems surreal. We flew out from Houston on Saturday night and landed in Singapore Monday morning.

We arrived without one bag that is catching tomorrow’s flight from San Francisco. It should rendezvous with us before I run out of clothes, but with the heat here in Singapore, I’m flirting with a minimalistic approach to clothing anyway.

Our first day involved procuring housing, MRT cards, food, and sleep. The young people quickly developed a love for public transportation and an intense appreciation for ice-cold air conditioning.

After securing the basics, we wandered outside. Our meandering led to the grounds of Fort Canning. There we found an old British base full of history and beautiful walks. Here are a few pictures:

At the end of the day, our fatigue led us to Takashimaya mall for a quick bite and refuge from the heat. The young people marveled at the food choices, architecture, and diverse population. We sat by this fountain to rest and people-watch.

Our plan was to return to the hotel for showers and regroup for dinner. When I emerged sparkling fresh, all the kids were in bed with the lights out. Chris and I hit a Dominos for dinner and ventured into the nearby Fair Price for groceries. It was not our finest date, but we closed the day with gratefulness and some marveling at the trajectory of our lives.

My broken sleep schedule has me posting at 2 a.m. I’m going to chase down some sleep before a new day begins. Will post more soon!