Beauty and Drudgery: Days 2-4

I am currently serving time at the immigration office trying to secure one of the kids’ visas. To pass the substantial time I expect to wait, I thought I’d update you a little!

So much to do this week! Introducing our kids to the mechanics of a new culture,  and taking care of necessities have blurred our past few days.  We took the young folk shopping at IKEA for new furniture and discovered that a $1.00 hot dog can actually taste good. Even better were the 4/$1.00 donuts, but I digress.

Life happens in a serviced apartment while we wait for our house to be furnished. Hopefully this weekend we can begin the move-in process which will take about a month. Our furnishings from the US will not arrive until late August. We hope IKEA can save us some time by providing a few beds and couches well ahead of our shipment schedule. Here are a couple of new house pics:


Since we have to wait on many things, we are filling time seeing all that Singapore has to offer. Not a bad way to pass time! Here is a list of a few of our exploits:

  1. Fort Canning
  2. Gardens by the Bay
  3. Merlion park
  4. Overeasy Burgers
  5. Orchard street

And because I love pictures, here are some I wanted to share with you; I hope you enjoy them!


Here is my favorite man doing one of his favorite things.  Oh, and that view too!





Christopher Robbins, Pooh,

and Piglet reunited.




Flowers surrounded by cotton fluff.  These were in the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.



The next picture is of the young people chilling at one of the garden entrances.  They were so happy to not be queuing up somewhere for a change!



A video of the gorgeous waterfall in the Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay:

I might have overdone all the visuals in this post, but you should see all I left out!

We greatly miss all our loved ones!

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