A Joyful Reunion

Anyone who knows our family has spent time with Jack and Fred. They are our two wonderful dogs and due to some frustrating circumstances, we had to leave them back in the States for a few weeks after we left for Singapore.

After lots of prayer and separation pangs, we were able to go see our beloved pets yesterday. Here’s what they endured to get here:

  1.  Two and a half weeks of boarding at our vet.
  2. Numerous transfers to providers in north Houston prior to flying out on Monday morning.
  3. A long flight from Houston to Amsterdam followed by a 13-hour layover there.
  4. Another long flight from Amsterdam to Singapore.
  5. Overnight at airport quarantine station.
  6. Transfer to another quarantine station the next morning.
  7. 10 days of quarantine until we can bring them home.

It’s been a long journey!

We traveled to make visiting hours at the quarantine station today. It is a beautiful facility and it put our minds at ease.  Fred and Jack are in a good place.


Our eleven year old Fred is faring very well. Jack, our younger dog, has clearly suffered some setbacks. He has lost a bunch of weight, but after getting to visit with them today, he seemed to recover a bit.


We will keep you posted on their progress. Thanks to all who checked on them and prayed for their trip.

If your family is considering relocating your pet(s) internationally, especially to Singapore,  here are some links to great companies.

Shiloh Pet Transport

Starwood Animal Transport

The process of moving pets internationally involves many hurdles.  Our family recommends working with a relocation company if possible to take the burden of the planning and coordination off your shoulders.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!