Fred’s Big Date and Other Pet News

This week, Fred hosted his first playdate at our house. His guest was Kaya, a golden retriever from Indonesia who repatriated to Singapore. Kaya lives with a friend that I met through the kids’ school. We discovered that Kaya needed some socializing and that Fred has a big yard to share, so it was a date!

Kaya is much younger than Fred. He is 12 years old, she is 18 months. Fred did his best to teach her how to play but he required some frequent rest intervals.

The playdate went well except for a minor tiff. I scared my friend by intervening, ending the doggie disagreement, and finishing the affair with a fall on my backside. All in all, it was an entertaining and fun day. We will do it again!

*You may be wondering about Jack…well, I didn’t invite him to play this time. He is a little wild for a dog who hasn’t played with other dogs before. We will introduce him to Kaya slowly.

Jack and Fred’s Adventures

We have been in Singapore for seven months now. Taking the dogs out to explore has been challenging. Previous posts shared some options pet owners have in Singapore, but it has been so busy that I haven’t gotten to do that much yet.

Still, Fred and Jack are settling in well. Here are some things they have done:

  • Explored the pet park at Bishan (Jack is learning to play well with others)
  • walked hundreds of miles
  • discovered some beaches to visit
  • survived their first stay in Singapore without us at Christmas
  • bonded with Veronica, our helper
  • connected with a Singapore Goldendoodle group. We look forward to our first event with them!

We will update you with pics and pet adventures as the spring offers some opportunities to get them out. We’ll end this post with a couple shots of their Christmas vacay:

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  1. Awww! A fall on your backside? I’m sure it was amazingly graceful, friend. Happy the dogs are making new friends. Hug them for us!

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