Bintan: My happy place next to Singapore.

This past weekend I went to Bintan, Indonesia for the third time since moving to Singapore.

Every time I’m here, the peacefulness of this place eases the stress of Singapore right off my shoulders. An introvert like me needs hideaways to recharge and THIS is my favorite place to do it.

A short ferry ride from Singapore (about 50 minutes) carries travelers to an oasis far removed from the noise and hurry you leave behind. Beautiful beaches and clear water rim the island. Resorts line the coast, but there are some public beaches to enjoy on day trips.

Mayang Sari Resort is the only place to stay in Bintan in my opinion. It’s blend of affordability, peacefulness and beauty can be hard to find in SE Asia. If you are looking for nightlife, crowds and glitz, this is not the place for you. But if you want to relax and be able to afford frequent visits, put this place on your list.

This weekend was dedicated to R&R for my niece and some friends we invited along. Beach-combing claimed a lot of our time. Here are some of our finds:

The children enjoyed the beach and resort activities immensely. We jet-skied, parasailed, and swam. Moms dipped into the spa at night after wearing the kids out. We stretched the weekend as far as possible and left with wonderful memories.

How to Plan Your Trip:

  • Book your ferry tickets at the Bintan Resort Ferries’ website.
  • Choose a resort. You have Club Med, Banyan Tree, Nirwana Gardens, and others to choose from.
  • Plan to hire a driver if you want to tour the island. Indorent is one we used on a previous trip with success.
  • If you plan to stay in a resort, they offer free shuttle service from the ferry to your resort.
  • Explore the cultural options on the island.

We plan to visit and explore more of the island on future visits. Let us know what you find to enjoy in Bintan!

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