Angkor Wat…What?!

Angkor Wat

In May 2019, we traveled to Cambodia to fulfill a bucket list dream: touring Angkor Wat. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is often known as the place where Tomb Raider (2001) was filmed. Actually, Ta Prohm where filming occured, is only one part of the temple, but the entire site held delightful surprises for our family.

Sunrise over Angkor Wat

Every turn offered memorable photo opportunities but we’ll share just a sampling of them. The biggest challenge was framing shots without the crowds that swarmed the temple.

We had a little fun with some of our shots.

Chris thumping his chest in a temple echo chamber.

If you go, plan a full day for the visit. You will need to dress appropriately for Buddhist temples; shoulders covered, no cleavage, and no short pants or skirts. The weather is hot and humid, so take lots of water and wear breathable fabrics. Despite the effort to walk all day, even our teens enjoyed it and we found energy to see a couple more sites after our tour.

For those interested in Angkor Wat’s history, you can find a great article here!

On our way out of the temple, we stumbled onto a group of monkeys with newborn infants.

We enjoyed several adventures in Siem Reap. Look for our other posts about Cambodia!

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  1. Hello Ms Dyana, i Love your pictures !! Looks very interesting, all that culture…I couldn’t see you again in Texas. Take care and receive a big hug

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