Siem Reap…More than Angkor Wat

If you are planning a trip to Angkor Wat, you can see our other blog about that site here. As much as we enjoyed Angkor Wat, we found many great adventures in Siem Reap and we are going to share them with you!

Quad Biking

Quad biking is one of my favorite activities but someone in our family (Chris, ahem) has not been agreeable to doing this on our trips…until now!

We booked our trip with Siem Reap Quad Bike Adventures for a two hour ride at sunset. It is one of our favorite trip experiences ever! Jonathan and Michael were allowed to drive their own bikes after a brief tutorial. Ariana had to ride with me, but she didn’t complain after the first few minutes.

The adventure began on some roads that carried us through neighborhoods and paddy fields. Along the way, we stopped for some shopping and sightseeing. Our first stop was to a market where we purchased noodle packs to distribute to local villages that need them. This was optional and not officially part of the tour, but we were delighted to do this. Here are some pics of our shopping and sharing:

This amazing young man introduced himself while we were shopping. He has taught himself English by talking to tourists and the few people around him who know it.

Our ride continued to a local school where we shared the rest of our noodles and spoke with the volunteer teacher who educates these young children without pay to give back to his community. He agreed to share about his school with you.

A crocodile farm was our last stop…and my least favorite.

Zip Lining

Alas…another of my least favorite activities. I got the quad biking, so this was my trade-off. We had a great experience, soaring over the top of Siem Reap with wonderful guides from Angkor Zipline. The tour concluded with a hike through the forest where we spotted lemurs and native insects.

Night Market

Nothing excites the Robbins like a good Asian night market. Local goods, food, and music at great prices. We sampled the food, captured souvenirs, and had a great time together.

We loved our time in Cambodia. The people were wonderful and they welcome tourists warmly. The cultural and natural sites offer rich exploration. Finally, the trip is very inexpensive even for a family of five. Our family could eat at our resort for about $23 USD a meal. Transportation around town costs between $5-10, and our hotel costs per night averaged about $50 for two rooms. Give Cambodia a try when you come to SE Asia: you won’t regret it!

Trip Resources:

Hotel: My Unique Villa Siem Reap

Tour Guide: Angkor Sorphorn .

Quad Biking: Siem Reap Quad Bike Adventure

Zip Lining: Angkor Zipline

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