The Robbins’ Quarantine Catch-up

The “circuit breaker” AKA home quarantine in Singapore is no joke. We have been home-bound for about 2 months, able to leave only to run at the park and obtain food. Like so many around the world, our family has found these times quite trying. However, we are committed to finding the good in what remains…and there is a lot to be thankful for!

Home Flow

Veronica has been learning to drive by playing Mario Kart. She has a disturbing affinity for plunging into oblivion, but we are working on that. Family video games and movies fill too much of our free time, but it has been fun while we can’t go out together or travel.

Favorite movies: Mission Impossible series. Favorite TV Show: Heartland. Favorite Games: Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, and Tripoly.

Fred and Jack are still entertaining. Here’s a typical late afternoon when school has wrapped up…

Spending so much time in our little circle around home has allowed us to notice things we are normally too busy to see, like this clock hung on the outside of the fence along our running route….?!

Or this golden rooster at the park…

Big Steps Forward

When we aren’t relaxing, there is a lot of work happening. The kids are finishing online schooling this week. Jonathan has finished 11th grade, Michael has completed 9th grade, and Ariana is closing out 7th grade.

Chris hasn’t traveled since late February. He has been working from home all this time too. We love having him around so much. He has had time to run much more often, take a few hobby classes and read some books. This season has its perks!

I finished my first year of Ph.D. studies at Regent and completed the Global Trauma Recovery Institute through Missio Seminary. I was also able to become a level 2 EMDR clinician and opened a counseling practice here in Singapore. It’s been an exciting year for me and I am grateful to Chris, Veronica, Jonathan, Michael, and Ariana for supporting me in these endeavors. They have really encouraged me through this past year.


Beautiful cake Ariana made for our anniversary.


Our contract in Singapore will end next summer. We cannot believe that we have only 1 year left in this beautiful place. We intend to make the most of our remaining time.

We lost trips to Australia and the Maldives this spring. If possible, we hope to use our trip credits to fit those in before we leave. If we do, you will share those experiences with us here. Taking the kids to China and back to the US for home and college visits are also important to us. All of these plans are held loosely as we wait to see what God gives in the next year.

I hope to spend time filling you in on our trips this past fall to New Zealand and to Phuket and Kuching, Malaysia this spring. It turns out that my studies have taken all my writing energy, but the summer is coming!

We miss our loved ones back home; please drop us a line and let us know how you are doing! Thanks for reading!

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