A Birthday and a Pirate Battle Were Just Part of Last Week…

Time raced by the past two weeks!  Our family crammed everything into the last two weeks of summer that we could.  That busyness and fighting off an illness prevented a timelier update.  Thankfully, we weathered everything well and made some great memories to boot.


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The Botanic Gardens in Singapore is an UNESCO World Heritage site for good reason.  We have visited here a couple of times since arriving and still have much to explore.  These pictures share more about its beauty than my words can.

Ariana celebrated a birthday.  Turning eleven demands a day of fun, so we headed out to Sentosa Island.  We visited Adventure Cove Waterpark most of the day, but we caught some other sights as well.  Returning to enjoy all Sentosa offers is high on our list.

We ventured out to two area malls:  Kallang Wave and NEX.  The young folks hoped to climb the walls at Climb Central, but the lines were so long, we will have to try again.  We found clothes that actually fit Jonathan at NEX and grabbed an Aussie meal at Mad Jacks to top off the day…YUM!

Date Night!

Chris grabbed tickets to Sandbox VR, a virtual reality escape room for our date.  It was our first experience with a VR room.  They suited us up with gear and dumped us into our alternate reality where we had to defeat the ghosts of Davy Jones’ pirate ship and steal his treasure.  They placed an assistant in the room with us to make sure we didn’t injure ourselves or their equipment.  Our room tech enjoyed plentiful amusement.  Here are some clips for your amusement.

My outfit was not situation-appropriate, but we had a blast anyway.  Don’t wear flip-flops to a pirate fight, friends.   At least we didn’t hurt each other.  If you get an opportunity to visit one of these, do it!

And a Race, of Course!

Chris found a Park Run at the park next to us.  This world-wide organization hosts free runs at public parks each week.  Their goal is to encourage health, fitness, and positive competition.  The people were overwhelmingly friendly and everyone but me finished a great race.  I talked to a friend by phone instead…you decide who enjoyed the better morning.  We met some wonderful people and will be joining this group every week our schedule allows!


Stamford American also held Orientation Day last week.  We attended with the kids and it set us up for a great school year.

Singapore’s National Day (like our 4th of July) was on the 9th.   Chris enjoyed a day off of work and took the kids out to celebrate.  He took some great shots of the fireworks and celebration that we will post another time.  This post is already lengthy, so I will stop here…I’m tired just reviewing the week!

Love to our family and friends.

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